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Emulsified silicone oil defoamer for easy defoaming without pressure

Nov 27, 2019

Based on past experience, the following briefly describes the relationship between the problems encountered in the production of emulsified silicone oil and the emulsified silicone oil defoamer. Dimethyl silicone oil is used as the main raw material, and non-ionic surfactants are mixed to prepare emulsified silicone oil. The emulsifier dosage, emulsification time, emulsification temperature, pH, stirring speed, emulsified water temperature and emulsification method were tested for the emulsified silicone oil particle size. Impact. The results show that the emulsification temperature has no significant effect on the particle size of the emulsion; the amount of emulsifier, emulsification time, pH, stirring speed and emulsification method all have an effect on the particle size of the emulsion. As a result, the internal molecular structure is unstable, and it is easy to produce foam and affect the surrounding environment. As for the bubbles we should solve? Earlier I mentioned the relationship between "emulsified silicone oil defoamer" and emulsified silicone oil. I believe that you can also guess something. As the so-called one-for-one drop, the role of emulsified silicone oil defoamer is to eliminate foam and improve production efficiency. Antifoaming agents have been widely used in cosmetics, coatings, fabric finishing agents, waterproofing agents and other fields. After emulsification of silicone oil, its performance has been greatly improved. The defoamer is added to solve the quality problem of the product more, and it also expands the application field of silicone oil.

Above we talked about the effectiveness of defoamers, so how do we choose a high-quality defoamer? At present, the defoamer industry is mainly divided into several types of test methods: shake bottle method, bubbling method, high-speed stirring method, pump cycle spray method. Appropriate test methods can be selected through different product characteristics to achieve good test results.

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