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Effects of dimethyl silicone oil

Dec 2, 2019

Dimethicone can be used for flatulence. People with gastrointestinal problems often feel that the stomach is always bloated. Many things accumulate in the intestine and stomach and cannot be digested in time. It is the same as Xu's storage of many items. Overnight, a big problem arises in the body. Dimethicone can effectively treat flatulence.

Dimethicone can be used as a skin cream. Many people's skin will be damaged to varying degrees due to air. Like the lunar surface, there are many pits and holes. Such skin will often feel dull. Moisture is very important, especially for many girls, the skin is more representative. One's influence is that skin care is very necessary. Dimethicone can be used to make skin creams, so that people's skin can get a lot of care and achieve the effect of modifying skin cells.
1. Dimethicone can be used in sunscreen products, and now the sun's ultraviolet rays are very strong. If strong sunlight shines directly on a person's skin, they may develop epithelial skin cancer overnight. This is a very bad thing. The sunscreen made with dimethyl silicone oil has obvious effects and can effectively block the damage from ultraviolet rays. wound.
2. Dimethicone can be used as a hand cream. Many housewives usually directly touch multiple opponent parts with their hands, which damages particularly large substances, such as various detergents and very effective self-cleaning agents. The skin was severely damaged. Using dimethyl silicone oil as a hand cream can largely protect the skin of the opponent's area and protect the hands of domestic workers.
3. Dimethicone can be used as a skin cleanser. Air quality is getting worse in many places. Many toxic substances in the air adhere to human skin. Easy to damage human skin and make it worse. As a skin cleanser, dimethyl silicone oil can obviously remove toxic substances from the skin and protect human skin to the greatest extent.

Dimethicone can be used as a deodorant. Some closed rooms have some uncomfortable odors. Even inhaling these odors can cause adverse reactions in the human body. In many cars, the windows are not opened for a long time The odor of the car cannot be eliminated in time. Moreover, the time of day has a certain effect on the human body in the vehicle. Dimethicone can be made into a deodorant, which can quickly discharge the odor and toxic substances in the surrounding air, which has achieved the obvious effect of purifying the air. It is suitable for use in many places.

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