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Do you know the characteristics of water treatment chemicals?

Jan 9, 2020

Water treatment agent is a kind of agent that is of great help to our environmental management. Many chemical plants and sewage treatment equipment need our water treatment agent. So do we know its related characteristics?
During the treatment of oilfield wastewater, due to the characteristics of suspended solids, oil content, bacterial content, corrosion and scaling in the oilfield wastewater, a certain amount of water treatment chemicals need to be added during the treatment process to assist in the treatment of the oilfield wastewater. the goal of. The added water treatment chemicals include: lime milk, flocculant, coagulant, and hydrogen peroxide.
Lime milk used in 1 # agent, the main ingredient is Ca (OH) 2 suspension, which is mainly prepared from quicklime, and provides alkaline environment for 2 # agent flocculant.
The main component of 2 # medicament is polyaluminum, aluminum sulfate, and ferrous sulfate, whose main function is to form coarse-grained floes to particles and colloidal particles in water.
The main component of 3 # medicament is polyacrylamide, whose main function is to adsorb suspended coarse-grained flocs to form large flocs, accelerate the sedimentation of particles in the suspension, and accelerate the clarification of the solution.
4 # reagent hydrogen peroxide, its main function is to oxidize ferric iron to trivalent iron, reduce the use of No. 1 medicament, that is, reduce the amount of Ca2 +, and adjust the PH value at the outlet of the cyclone to separate The pH value of the device is around 7.0.
These characteristics of water treatment chemicals determine that it can provide good results for our environmental governance, and also shows how it works as an environmental protection tool.

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