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Dimethyl silicone oil detection method

Oct 14, 2019

Oil flow observation method. Take two measuring cups, one of which contains the dimethicone to be inspected, the other is placed on the table, lift the oiled measuring cup away from the tabletop 30-40 cm and tilt it, let the oil flow slowly to the empty cup In the middle, observe the flow, the good quality should be slender, even, continuous, if the oil flow suddenly and slowly, and sometimes there is a large flow, it is said to have deteriorated.
Illumination method. On a clear day, use a screwdriver to pry the dimethicone to a 45 degree angle to the horizontal. In view of the sunlight, observe the oil droplets. Under the light, it can be clearly seen that there is no wear debris in the oil, which can continue to work. If there is too much wear debris, it should be replaced.
Handcuffs. The dimethyl silicone oil is repeatedly ground between the thumb and the index finger. The hand of the better quality feels lubricity, less wear debris, no friction, and if it feels a large friction between the fingers, it indicates There are many impurities in the oil, which can no longer be used and should be replaced.
Oil drop trace method. Take a clean white filter paper, drop a few drops of oil on the filter paper. After the leakage of dimethyl silicone oil, if there is black powder on the surface, touch the hand with a feeling of resistance, it means that there are many impurities in the oil. It is of good quality and should be free of powder. It is dry and smooth by hand and has yellow marks.

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