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Demulsification has two processes

Jun 12, 2018

Mechanical emulsion formulated silicone emulsion

Typically, the silicone oil emulsion according to phase into an oil-in-water and water-in-oil two categories, the former water as the continuous phase, silicone oil dispersed phase. The latter silicone oil as the continuous phase, a dispersed phase of water. Silicone oil emulsion cosmetic except a small number of W / O type, the majority of the O / W type. Emulsion characteristics W / O type is a good cleaning effect.

Silicone emulsion stability of the emulsion is formulated using the emulsion of the most important requirements. Although silicone oils may be formulated as almost semi-permanent emulsion. But in terms of thermodynamics, the emulsion is an unstable system. The long-term placement emulsion by temperature changes, or diluted by the high shear forces of oil and water two-phase separation occurs, that is breaking. Breaking two processes: First, the dispersed droplets in the Van der Waals force action agglomerate, after the first flocculation coalescence.


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