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Defoamer silicone oil for some introduction

Oct 12, 2017

Defoamer Silicone oil is a combination of dimethyl silicone oil and defoaming agent by physical and chemical methods. It is a kind of raw material for processing oil-based defoamer and water-based defoamer. Compared with dimethyl silicone oil, Improve sex.
1. Oily environment such as ink, paint, pu pulp, lubricants, oil processing and other fields of defoamers.
2. Suitable emulsifier compound emulsification can be processed into water emulsion type defoamer, widely used in cleaning processing, printing and dyeing, sewage treatment, paper and other industries defoaming.
3. Other unfinished and defoaming areas to be developed.
Use it with the solvent or oil-soluble surfactant for defoaming after the addition of 206 silicone oil accounted for 10 ~ 1000ppm of the foam system, the specific amount depending on the specific use by the user within the scope of self-regulation.
The use of defoamer silicone oil if found at the bottom of the sediment appears, should be used in the processing of its mixing evenly, does not affect the use of results, the reason for this phenomenon is due to the longer storage period.