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Decorative coating

May 8, 2018

Silicone elastic decorative coating
Silicone latex elastic decorative coating is the introduction of organic silicon in acrylic resin, polymerization into a new film-forming substance. The addition of silicone improves the weatherability and durability of the acrylic resin, and the coating film elongation reaches 300% to 7000%, masking micro-cracks on the wall and improving the decorative function of the coating. In general, a multi-stage emulsion polymerization method is used to prepare a composite polymer emulsion, the center of which is a hard resin. Compared with ordinary rubber slag, the coating film has better elasticity and water resistance, higher gloss and hardness, and higher stain resistance. It is a very functional coating with a promising future. The reactive silicon latex solution is formed by polymerization of a raw rubber, a cross-linking agent and a catalyst under certain conditions. After the solution is dehydrated, a cross-linking reaction can be performed at room temperature to form a silicone emulsion having a network structure.
film. Guo Likai and other synthetic silicone elastic latex architectural decorative coating, easy to operate, easy to control, product performance and stability, with good adhesion, aging resistance, weather resistance, water impermeability and flexibility, to adapt to adverse factors caused by wall cracking And seasonal typhoon, rain pressure infiltration.