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Correlation analysis of small heat-dissipating silicone grease

Sep 6, 2019

Heat-dissipating silicone grease: the common name is also called thermal grease. It is made of special silicone oil as base oil, new metal oxide as filler, with various functional additives. It is processed by a specific process. The color has different materials. Different appearances. It has good thermal conductivity, temperature resistance and insulation properties. It is an ideal dielectric material for heat-resistant devices, and its performance is stable. It does not generate corrosive gases during use and does not affect the metal it contacts.
High-purity fillers and silicones are the guarantee of smooth, uniform and high-temperature insulation. Apply to the power device and heat sink assembly surface to help eliminate the air gap at the contact surface to increase heat flow, reduce thermal resistance, reduce operating temperature of the power device, improve reliability and extend service life.
The heat-dissipating silicone grease acts to accelerate the heat conduction, and the heat-conductive medium increases the contact area to fill the CPU iron cover and the pits in the middle of the heat sink. The heat-dissipating silicone grease does not exert the best effect on one coat. It is coated with heat-dissipating silicone grease. After a period of start-up and shutdown of the hot and cold cycle, the excess air in the heat-dissipating silicone grease is fully filled to the CPU and When the gap between the heat sinks, the heat conduction effect is truly fully exerted. The thermal resistance of the thermal grease is larger than that of the metal, so it is not good if it is used in a large amount.

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