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Coating defoamer

Mar 26, 2020

Coating defoamer is a compound defoamer without silicone. Because it contains a variety of high-quality defoaming ingredients, it is suitable for eliminating foam in styrene-acrylic latex, ethylene-propylene latex, pure acrylic latex, and vinyl acetate latex. .
Dynamic defoaming, good anti-foaming durability
Good dispersion and strong defoaming ability
Good affinity, not easy to produce crinkles and fish eyes
Please stir well before use. The amount of this product in high-viscosity latex paint is one-thousandth to five-thousandth. Papermaking coating, low-viscosity latex paint and water-soluble paint are added in five to ten-thousandth Five thousandths.
storage method
This product is non-toxic, non-flammable and explosive, stored in a cool, sheltered place, and kept tightly closed. The storage period is 6 months without obvious stratification. Storage beyond the label's best use date does not imply that the product cannot be used further. However, to ensure product quality in this case, the relevant properties of the product need to be re-examined.
Reference data
Appearance: Milky white liquid
pH: 6 ± 2
Operating temperature: 0 ~ 90 ℃
Active matter content: ≥30%

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