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Characteristics and Functions of Diamino Modified Silicone Oil

Aug 7, 2020

Bisamino-modified silicone oil is a silicone liquid with multiple reactive amino groups in its structure. The product can be emulsified by a suitable surfactant and used as a water-based softener; it can also be dissolved in a solvent and used as an oily softener. Amino silicone oil is the basic combination used in textile softener formulations. It can be used alone or in combination with other silicon or softeners. It can endow the fabric with durable softness, wrinkle resistance, high recovery, and lubricity. It is suitable for the soft treatment of various fibers such as polypropylene, linen, wool, polyester, nylon and their blended fabrics.

1. Soft hand feel, good absorption to fibers.
2. A stable micro emulsion can be formulated.
3. Good acid and alkali resistance stability.
4. Improve tearing strength and tensile strength.
5. Environmental protection, no APEO
6. Moderate yellowing.

Technical indicators
1. Appearance: transparent or slightly turbid liquid
2. Viscosity (25℃): 800-2000CS
3. Specific gravity (25℃): 0.98
4. Active matter content: 99.99%
5. Ammonia content: 0.7%-0.9%

Emulsification method
Biamino modified silicone oil can be emulsified into a stable emulsion. The emulsification work can be carried out in a high-shear emulsifier, reactor or homogenizer, and the emulsification of different concentrations between 5-80% can be required.
Packaging, storage and transportation
1. Packing: plastic drum, 50, 120, 200 KG each.
2. Transportation: It can be transported as non-dangerous goods.
3. Storage: It can be stored at room temperature to avoid direct sunlight. The shelf life in the original storage tank is 6 months.
4. If there is oil floating, stop using it immediately and contact the technical department.
5. Caution: Prevent the pollution of heavy metal ions, strong acid and strong alkali.

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