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At present, most of the silicone modified epoxy resin are liquid

Sep 29, 2017

Silicone insulating powder coating

Silicone insulation coatings availablesilicone resin or a silicone-modified epoxy resin, silicone-modified polyesterfilm material, mainly varnishes and enamels classes, both high temperaturecuring type, there are also low-temperature curing type. In a wide frequencyrange, the dielectric constant and dielectric loss is very small, and smallchanges with temperature. At present, most silicone-modified epoxy resins areliquid, powder coating is difficult to meet the requirements. Use of modifiedepoxy resin hydroxy silicone oil, insulating powder coating formulated andstudied the electrical properties of the silicone-modified epoxy resin. Theresults show that the silicone successfully grafted onto the epoxy chainmolecular weight of 5000, after the film prepared by high-pressure cooking,excellent electrical properties, the resin can be used in the insulating powdercoatings.