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Application of silicon material in lithium battery

Aug 15, 2019

Lithium battery market is hot, silicon business hidden opportunities
The demand for lithium batteries continues to be hot in the three downstream sectors. The performance of anode materials and electrolytes needs to be improved, and silicon materials enter the category of lithium battery materials. Whether it is the optimization of the anode material or the optimization of the electrolyte, silicon materials play a very important role. Silicon materials are widely used, and nano-silicon and silicone materials are cross-border lithium battery industry.
High-capacity lithium battery anode material--silicon carbon anode
At present, the commercial anode materials of lithium ion batteries are mostly graphite. From the gram capacity and compaction density of graphite, the energy density of the anode materials is hard to be improved. In addition, there is a problem that the graphite sheet is liable to be peeled off and the cycle performance is not satisfactory. So far, among several typical negative electrode materials commonly used, silicon is the negative electrode material with the largest theoretical specific capacity. In order to improve the cycling properties of silicon materials and improve the structural stability of materials during cycling, materials are usually nano-sized and composited. The preparation methods of silicon-carbon anode materials are diverse, which brings the foundation for industrialization, and there are still bottlenecks in large-scale promotion.
Highly safe electrolyte additive - silicone
The use of additives is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve the performance of lithium-ion battery electrolytes. The research and development of new additives has been one of the most active areas of lithium-ion battery technology. In recent years, studies on organosilicon compounds as electrolyte components have received extensive attention. The application of silicone in lithium ion battery electrolyte mainly involves two aspects of solvent and additive. In the application of solvents, it is mainly used to replace the carbonate electrolytes with poor safety performance and high and low temperature resistance; in the application of additives, it is mainly used as a SEI film-forming additive, a flame retardant additive, and a water-absorbing acid. Additives, low temperature high rate additives.

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