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Application of Silicone in Shampoo and Hair Care Products

Jan 25, 2021

Bright, supple hair has always been a symbol of youth and vitality. However, with the aggravation of air pollution, the acceleration of the pace of life, and the increase in the frequency of dyeing and perming, the health of the hair continues to decline. Beautiful hair becomes dull, frizzy, fragile and difficult to comb. At the same time, it is easy to get tangled and knotted when shampooing. . How to repair damaged hair and restore the smoothness and luster of the hair has increasingly become a strong demand of consumers. With its excellent comprehensive performance, silicone has become an important conditioning ingredient in shampoo and hair care products. There are many types of silicone products on the market and different functions. Therefore, it is very important to choose suitable silicone products in different formulations. This article will introduce the commonly used silicone products according to the product category, and help you in formula development. Screen the right silicone product portfolio at time.

Pearl shampoo
Opaque pearl shampoo has become the mainstream product in the shampoo market with its good conditioning and excellent stability. In opaque pearl shampoos, dimethyl silicone oil emulsion and amino silicone oil emulsion are commonly used highly effective conditioning additives. For dimethyl silicone oil emulsion, the particle size of the emulsion and the viscosity of the internal phase have a significant impact on the deposition efficiency of silicone oil on the surface of the hair and the feel of the shampoo during and after use; for amino silicone oil emulsion, the skeleton structure and The amine value is the key factor that affects its feel in use. Small particles of dimethyl silicone oil emulsion can effectively spread on the surface of the hair, rebuild the hydrophobic protective layer, and improve the smoothness and gloss of the hair after drying: large particles of silicone oil emulsion can effectively improve the smoothness of wet washing, and at the same time Provides a refreshing and balanced feel. Amino silicone oil emulsion with low amine value and high molecular weight can be protonated in water and has a partial positive charge, so it can achieve a high deposit on the surface of the hair, repair damaged parts, and improve the smoothness and gloss of the hair. It also has antistatic, nourishing and color protection effects. Therefore, in formula development, several silicone oil emulsions can be formulated according to the performance that cannot be designed to achieve better dry and wet combing performance, such as the combination of large and small particles of dimethyl silicone oil emulsion, dimethyl silicone oil emulsion and amino silicone oil Compound emulsion.

Transparent shampoo
The dry combing performance of transparent shampoos is usually not comparable to that of pearl shampoos. The main reason is that opaque dimethicone emulsions and amino silicone oil emulsions are difficult to add to the transparent formula to play a smooth role. However, transparent amino silicone oil microemulsion and polyether modified water-soluble silicone oil provide the possibility for formulators to develop transparent shampoos with excellent performance. Transparent amino silicone oil microemulsions, such as Wacker-Belsilo ADM 8021CN, have an average particle size of less than 50 nanometers. Adding this emulsion to the transparent formula will not affect the transparency of the formula, and the reactive groups on the molecular skeleton can dry It will be further cross-linked at the time, which can effectively reduce the dry and wet combing power of the hair and improve the smoothness of the hair. Polyether modified water-soluble silicone oil, such as Wacker-Belsilo DMC 6038 is a PEG-modified dimethylsiloxane copolymer, which can be dissolved in water to form a transparent solution. The special surfactant-like structure gives it moderate conditioning performance, while also stabilizing foam and reducing the irritation of anionic surfactants. The combined use of the above two types of products can achieve better results or meet different product needs.

2. Rinse-type conditioner, conditioner, hair mask, inciting ointment
Dimethicone, silicone mixture and amino silicone oil emulsion are commonly used conditioning ingredients in rinse-off hair care products. Dimethicone with low viscosity (1-350cst) can improve the spreadability of the product and the silky feel of the hair: Dimethicone with higher viscosity can improve the dry and wet combability of the hair and make the hair soft and shiny. Wacker-Belsi18 DM 3096 and other silicone mixtures have the characteristics of both low-viscosity silicone oil and ultra-high-viscosity dimethiconol. They are easy to spread and disperse, fill the damaged hair scales, and provide excellent slip performance. Wacker-Belsil8ADM6068CN and other amino silicone oil emulsions can further improve the smoothness and luster of the hair, while also having antistatic, nourishing and color protection effects. The combined use of the above-mentioned types of products can achieve better results or meet different product needs.

3. Leave-in conditioner
Disposable hair care products are favored by consumers for their rich functions and convenient use. Add appropriate silicone products to leave-in products such as hair spray, hair lotion, hair essence, moisturizing nutrient water and hair tail oil, to obtain ideal hair care effects. The silica gel mixture can give the product good softness and smoothness. Phenyl silicone oil products with the same high refractive index can improve the gloss and touch of the hair. Some water-soluble silicone oils and some amino silicone oil emulsions can improve the smoothness, gloss and provide good color protection of the hair.

4. Elastin
Elastin products have gradually become a best-selling category in the stereotyped product market with their dual effects of styling and care. A special silicone copolymer is a new type of styling resin suitable for this application. Different from traditional organic styling polymers, it is composed of organic polymer blocks and silicone blocks. It has a branched multi-segment structure, which can meet the natural styling ability and non-sticky, non-greasy smoothness required by elastin products. The tactile feel and the silicone block with strong hydrophobic properties can also make the product maintain a good styling effect in a high humidity environment.

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