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Amphoteric surfactants used in personal care products in

Jun 15, 2016

Amphoteric surfactants from the marketsince the introduction of the earliest and the most important applications isthe personal care products industry. 1950s to the 1970s, most of the amphotericsurfactant is mainly used for children Tongxiang Bo, various conditioningshampoos. Later, amphoteric surfactants used in personal care articles extendedto other products, such as bubble bath, shower gel, hair coloring products,perming products, hair styling products, facial cleanser, general cleansing products,hand soap and makeup products Wait.

Amphoteric surfactants of low irritation tohuman eyes, skin and mucous membranes, in extreme pH conditions of stabilityand other formulation components and the synergistic nature of their personaltoiletries can be widely used in the field of the main reasons one.

Reduce eye irritation

Cause surfactants irritating to eyesinterpreted as the adsorption of ionic surfactants in the eye protein /phospholipid interface, and subsequently cause variations eye liquid crystalmembrane structure. Therefore, the size of the eye-irritating and can enter theinterior of the eye is a surface active agent proportional to the concentrationof monomer.

Since the actual concentration of thesurfactant in the shampoo is about 1% to 2%, more than the general surfactantcmc, Therefore, when considering the possibility of eye irritation shampoos,the active substance concentration cmc monomer represented is reasonable. cmccomposite system decreases irritation means the system is reduced.

Due to the cmc TN4P5 two orders ofmagnitude lower than the cmc general anionic surfactant, it is possible toreduce the TN4P5 feature cmc anionic surfactants.

Reduce skin irritation

Skin irritation is a related to a varietyof factors, such as the dissolution of lipids, amino acid and protein elutionkeratin degeneration inhibiting activity, cytotoxicity, proliferation andmovement of surfactant, transdermal penetration of changes in the complexity ofthe phenomenon. Relations with skin irritation and eye irritation with cmc cmcchanges as fall with the cmc decreases.

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