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Acrylic resin modified silicone resin

May 12, 2020

1. Performance and use
This product is prepared by a special process of silanol hydrolyzed by phenyl and methyl monomers and special acrylic monomers. It has the advantages of acrylic resin and silicone resin, has excellent heat resistance and weather resistance, and has adhesion Strong, can be cured at low temperature. It is suitable for blending various series of high temperature resistant coatings, weather resistant coatings and H-grade silicone insulating paints.
Second, the main technical indicators
Appearance: light yellow to light brown liquid, milky white light allowed, no mechanical impurities
Viscosity (coated with 4 cups, 25 ℃, S): 15 ~ 40
Solid content (150 ℃, 2h,),%: 50 ± 1
Drying time (200 ℃, h): ≯1.5
Heat resistance (250 ℃, 200h): no foaming or cracking
3. Packaging, storage and transportation
This product is packed in a 200kg iron drum and stored in a cool and dry place, to prevent direct sunlight, avoid contact with acids and alkalis, and store and transport as dangerous goods.
4. Construction Reference
1. When using this product, avoid contact with acids, alkalis, organic salts, amines, otherwise accelerated curing, gelation and other phenomena will occur, which will affect the performance of the product.
2. The thinner used must not contain moisture, sulfides and other impurities, otherwise it will affect the adhesion, dryness and other properties

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