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A brief description of the daily use of silicone oil

Sep 10, 2019

Hair is produced by hair follicles in the scalp, the main ingredient being keratin. Enlarge the hair, the uneven hairs (hair scales) are clearly visible, like fish scales. Shampoo is to remove dust and excess oil from the hair and scalp, but the anionic surfactant for water and decontamination will cause a series of changes in the hair: hair swells, moistens and softens, and silicone oil protects the hair. The applied grease is washed away. If there are damaged hair scales, it will increase the friction between the hair, causing the hair to entangle when combing, and the mutual friction will increase the damage of the scales. After the anionic surfactant removes the grease, it is simply adsorbed on the hair. Wet negatively-charged hair can also be put together under the action of water, and when they are dry, they can completely turn their faces, because the same-sex repelling is far from each other.
The electrostatic problem caused by anionic surfactants is well solved. Let's get some cations in conditioners, such as quaternary ammonium salts. This can still not solve the problem of a series of hair types headed by hair scale damage. This is not something that can be avoided without combing the hair - in addition to combing, the chemicals in the dyeing, the heat and the ultraviolet rays in the sun, the hair is hurt badly. Grease comes in handy: lubricate to reduce the chance of hair damage during combing. The role of silicone oil is to adhere to the hair, fill the damaged parts of the scales, and make the surface of the hair smoother, which is the "repair" function often mentioned in advertising. After the "repair" of the hair, the light is easy to comb, not to mention, and it is stronger.

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