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Other Descriptions of Methyl Hydrogen Silicone Fluid -- 2014-01-14

Key words of Methyl Hydrogen Silicone FluidMethyl Hydrogen Silicone Fluid Methyl Hydrogen Silicone OilMethylhydrogen SiloxaneMethylhydropolysiloxaneSilicone Hydride FluidPolymethylhydrogensiloxaneSilicone hydride fluidHYDRIC SILICONE FLUIDSilicone OilSilicone FluidMethyl Hydrogen PolysiloxaneHigh hydrogen silicone oil High hydrogen-containing silicone oil DiepoxybutaneHigh Methyl Hydrogen Silicone FluidEquivalent of Momentive TSF484same as DC1107 similar as KF99countertype of SILRES BS94analogue ...

The development of Silicone surfactant -- 2014-01-14

Silicone surfactant as organic silicon compounds of gens containing silicon surfactants, from 60s on was used in the industrial field, but it received massive and full of rapid development in the 80s. As organic silicon defoaming agent, its application field also is very extensive, got more and more attentions by people from all walks of life.Germany experimental physicists Quincke first proposed with chemical method to defoaming, such as using ethyl ether steam can eliminate soap bubbles. 19 ce ...

Other key words of Silicone Leveling Agent -- 2014-01-14

Other key words of Silicone Leveling AgentLeveling AgentLevelling AgentSilicone AdditiveSilicone Leveling AgentFlow and Leveling Additive Silicon Flow and Leveling AdditiveSubstrate Wetting AdditiveSilicone Substrate Wetting AdditiveSilicone Flow and Leveling AdditiveSilicone Flow and Leveling AgentSilicone Super Wetting Additive, Silicone Flow and Leveling SurfactantSilicone Flow and Substrate Wetting AdditiveSilicone Release AdditiveSilicone Flow and Leveling AgentHydroxypropyl Silicone OilSil ...

Chemical Names of Methyl Hydrogen Silicone Fluid -- 2014-01-14

Composition/Formula/ Chemical Names of Methyl Hydrogen Silicone Fluid.Polyether modified siloxanesPolyether modified polydimethylsiloxaneSolution of a polyether modified polydimethylsiloxanePolyether modified siloxaneSolution of a polyether modified siloxaneTrisiloxane Surfactant SolutionPolyether modified acryl functional polydimethylsiloxanePolyether modified polydimethylsiloxaneSolution of an acrylfunctional polyester modified polydimethylsiloxanePolyether modified polydimethylsiloxaneSo ...

The concern of silicone -- 2014-01-14

Silicone  is a highly active adsorption materials, belong to the amorphous material, the chemical formulas for mSiO2 • nH2O. Insolubling in water and any solvent, avirulent insipidity, chemical stability, except strong alkali, not with any material outside hydrofluoric acid reaction. Various types of silica gel because of its manufacturing method is different and the formation of different microporous structure. The chemical components of silica gel and physical structure, decided that it ...

About leveling agent -- 2014-01-14

Leveler fiber yarn, line or the fabric dyeing process, to promote the dyeing uniformity, do not produce the color spots, such as the added material defects.Leveling agent most is water soluble of surfactant, according to leveler to dye diffusion and gathered the influence of water level, mainly divided into two types: kiss fibrous leveler and close the dye sex leveler. Leveler is slow dye move color sex and sex, can effectively improve the levelness of the dyes to reach even the result of dyeing ...

Main related CAS NO for Silicone Leveling Additive -- 2014-01-14

Main related CAS NO. for Silicone Leveling Additive34590-94-8252-104-267674-67-327274-31-327306-78-19038-95-367762-85-052232-27-668554-65-4128192-17-6128-37-0157479-55-568938-54-5134180-76-0157811-87-5556-67-2541-02-6125455-51-879-10-727306-78-1

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