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"Breathing" silicone waterproof coating

Dec 4, 2017

Wall material to absorb moisture will cause serious damage to the wall itself, the wall water through the use of a smooth channel in the form of water vapor from the wall material in the volatile. Therefore, reducing the water absorption of building materials, to give external wall material "breathing" function, is an important way to improve building decoration, waterproof performance. Silicone coatings with a certain reactive groups of organopolysiloxane as the main film-forming material, the backbone structure has a strong chemical affinity, and a small amount of active macromolecules in the film during the process of forming silicon The hydroxyl groups in the acid base react. Because the coating does not close the capillary channel, the moisture inside the substrate can diffuse in time to ensure the substrate has a good "breathing" function. Sun Zhongxin et al examined the "breathing" performance of silicone coatings
And waterproof performance, prove that the paint can be used for high-end building exterior protection. Silicone resin to form a layer of membrane material on the surface of the building, which can effectively improve the weatherability of the building surface (wind erosion resistance
Can, rain soaked and acid rain erosion ability), the high-grade buildings, especially ancient buildings have some practical application value.