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Silane Oligomer

Product Name: Silane Coupling Agent.Remarks´╝ÜSpecific gravity is tested according to TM-508.Refractive index is tested according to TM-516. Ash is tested according to TM-523 .Viscosity is tested according to TM-512 .

Item No. English Chemical Name DEGUSSA
Silibase-VP012 Vinylsilane oligomer 6598
Silibase-VP011 Vinylsilane oligomer 6498
Silibase-VP010 Vinylsilane oligomer 6490
Silibase-AP1231 Aminosilane oligomer 1146
Silibase-AP011 Aminosilane oligomer /
Silibase- AP010 Aqueousaminosilane hydrolysate /