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Phenyl silicone oil

SILIBASE SILICONE developed and produce new products: Phenyl silane, phenyl silicone oil, phenyl silicone rubber, phenyl silicone resin and so on. 

Main products including Phenyltrichlorosilane, Diphenyldichlorosilane, 
Diphenyldimethoxysilane, Diphenyldiethoxysilane, Phenyltrimethoxysilane, Phenyltriethoxysilane, 
Diphenylsilanediol, Octaphenylcyclotetrasiloxane, Triphenylchlorosilane, Triphenylsilanol, 
Methylphenyldichlorosilane, Methylphenyldimethoxysilane, Phenyl Methyl Silicone Fluid, 
Dimethyl Diphenyl Cyclics,Phenyl Siliconegum(HTV),Phenyl Siliconegum(RTV),Benzene and Biphenyl.

Item No. CAS NO. Chemical Name Other Names
Silibase-7001 98-13-5 Phenyltrichlorosilane P1; PTCS
Silibase-7002 80-10-4
Diphenyldichlorosilane P2; DPDCS
Silibase-7003 6843-66-9 Diphenyldimethoxysilane DDS; DPDMS
Silibase-7004 2553-19-7 Diphenyldiethoxysilane DPDES
Silibase-7005 2996-92-1 Phenyltrimethoxysilane PTMS
Silibase-7006 780-69-8 Phenyltriethoxysilane PTES
Silibase-7007 947-42-2 Diphenylsilanediol Diphenyldihydroxysilane
Silibase-7008 546-56-5 Octaphenylcyclotetrasiloxane Phenyl-D4;D 4ph
Silibase-7009 76-86-8 Triphenylchlorosilane P3;TPCS
Silibase-7010 791-31-1 Triphenylsilanol Triphenylhydroxysilane
Silibase-7011 149-74-6 Methylphenyldichlorosilane MPDCS;Phenylmethyldichlorosilane;PMDCS
Silibase-7012 3027-21-2 Methylphenyldimethoxysilane MPDCS;Phenylmethyldimethoxysilane;PMDCS
Silibase-7013 68083-14-7 Phenyl Methyl Silicone Fluid Diphenylsiloxane-Dimethylsiloxane Copolymers
Silibase-7014 / Dimethyl Diphenyl Cyclics DMDPC;Methyl Phenyl Cyclics
Silibase-7015 / Phenylsiliconegum(HTV) Phenyl Vinyl Methyl Silicone;Poly Dimethyl Diphenyl Vinyl Siloxane;PVMQ
Silibase-7016 / phenylsiliconegum(RTV) Dihydroxy Poly Dimethyl Diphenyl Siloxane
Silibase-7017 71-43-2 benzene Benzol Phenyl hydride Cyclohexatriene Coalnaphtha;Phene
Silibase-7018 92-52-4 Biphenyl Phenylbenzene;Diphenyl

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